About Us

Sewing Factory «E&R» was established in 1994.

The factory majors in producing outwear and suits for men, women and children, overcoats, medium overcoats,jackets, coats, trousers etc.

For the time being the sewing factory consists of 70 workers.
Floor spaces comprise over 1000 square kilometers.

Today «E&R» is not limited by making clothes of „classic” style. We have already launched the line of workwear for different kinds of production. We also offer workwear for Emergency Control Ministry, firemen, workers of Ministry of Internal Affairs, railmen, civil workers(including Marine Forces), schoolchildren etc. Our factory also produces special clothes for priests.

The good name of «E&R» is supported by the fact that its products are widely presented during various events (such as „Golden Lion” and „Mister Lviv”). Lately the list of our customers was prolonged by company „Nico-Zahid” that dresses its workers exactly in sophisticated clothes produced by our factory. The church choir of cathedral of St. Antony is also dressed in costumes by «E&R» at their concerts.


You can buy our products in such Ukrainian cities as: Lviv, Rivne, Truskavets.